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Barwon Booksellers
Member(s): Peter Downie
2 James St.
Geelong 3220 Vic Australia
Website: http://www.barwonbooksell...
Phone (W): +61 3 5221 8388
Email: mail@barwonbooksellers.com.au

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Hours Open: Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm

Children's Books, Arts, Architecture, Local History, Food and Cookery, Modern First Editions, Ephemera.

With the largest range in country Victoria, Barwon Booksellers is a destination for all bibliophiles. Secondhand and antiquarian books are all hand-selected with an eye for the quirky or classic, and quality standards are stringent. Visit the website for a selection of our items, and visit in person to see many more. Of course, you are welcome to make a query by phone or email for specific titles you don't see.

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More details about Louella Kerr Books

Louella Kerr Books

After 21 years in retail premises, Louella Kerr now operates online and from home, and exhibits at bookfairs. An Approved Valuer under the Commonwealth's Cultural Gifts Program, Louella undertakes valuations and collection development for clients.