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Antique Print Map Room
Member(s): Louis Kissajukian
Shop 189
392 Jones Street
Website: http://www.antiqueprintma...
Phone (W): (61)(02) 9267 4355
Email: info@antiqueprintmaproom.com
Blog: https://www.instagram.com...
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/...
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+...

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Hours Open: Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 11am-5pm, Sun closed

Photographs & Photography, Paintings, Maps, Prints.
Very large stock of prints, maps, paintings, photographs and books.
Antique prints, maps, paintings, photographs and books.
Free shipping for online orders*
Open 6 days
5 minutes from Powerhouse Museum
ASI_1548_GAST_112.jpeg VALL_ASI_1856_112.jpeg SEUTTER_ASI_1730_112.png FADEN_USA_1796_112.png HOGENBERG_ALGIERS_112.png ASI_1579_ORTE_161_001_112.jpeg GUERARD_HOBART_112.png VANCOUVER_MAP_112.png MONTANUS_1571_112.png BLAEU_1634_112.png VGA_BEECHWORTH_112.png MAHONY_OSTRICH_112.png AFL_1875_112.png AFL_1881_112.png AFL_1877_112.png MELB_HOUNDS_112.png RUSC_WM_1561_112.jpeg SANDS_ASHFIELD_112.png ASI_1601_ORTE_112.jpeg ORTE_WM_224_1624_112.jpeg ASI_1606_HOND_112.jpeg ASI_1633_JANS_112.jpeg ASI_1633_JANS_002_112.jpeg ASI_1638_HOND_112.jpeg ASI_1662_DE_WIT_112.jpeg ASI_1682_VISS_112.jpeg AM_1691_CORO_112.jpeg PI_1691_CORO_112.jpeg WM_1706_JAIL_112.jpeg AUS_1696_CORO_112.jpeg WM_1730_MORT_112.jpeg WM_1719_CHAT_43_002_112.jpeg GBEL_025_TP_112.jpeg WM_1746_HOMM_112.jpeg HGDV11_AM_008_002D_112.jpeg WM_1800_BUAC_112.jpeg EVGAL_04_NC_112.jpeg EVGAL_11_SC_112.jpeg

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More details about Antique Bookshop and Curios

Antique Bookshop and Curios

The Antique Bookshop has a large stock of interesting books in many areas of collecting interest.

Click on the link Catalogue 362 to view on-line or download our most recent catalogue.
This catalogue features books from library of the Late Professor R Ian Jack.

Click on the link Catalogue 362 Image Gallery to view images of many of the books from this catalogue.

Click on thumbnail at left to see larger image.