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Antique Print Map Room
Member(s): Louis Kissajukian
Shop 189
392 Jones Street
Website: http://www.antiqueprintma...
Phone (W): (02) 9267 4355
Email: info@antiqueprintmaproom.com
Blog: https://www.instagram.com...
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/...
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+...

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Hours Open: Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 11am-5pm, Sun closed

Photographs & Photography, Paintings, Maps, Prints.
Very large stock of prints, maps, paintings, photographs and books.
Antique prints, maps, paintings, photographs and books.
Open 6 days
5 minutes from Powerhouse Museum
ASI_1548_GAST_112.jpeg VALL_ASI_1856_112.jpeg SEUTTER_ASI_1730_112.png FADEN_USA_1796_112.png HOGENBERG_ALGIERS_112.png ASI_1579_ORTE_161_001_112.jpeg GUERARD_HOBART_112.png VANCOUVER_MAP_112.png MONTANUS_1571_112.png BLAEU_1634_112.png VGA_BEECHWORTH_112.png MAHONY_OSTRICH_112.png AFL_1875_112.png AFL_1881_112.png AFL_1877_112.png MELB_HOUNDS_112.png RUSC_WM_1561_112.jpeg SANDS_ASHFIELD_112.png ASI_1601_ORTE_112.jpeg ASI_1598_LINS_02_112.jpeg ORTE_WM_224_1624_112.jpeg ASI_1606_HOND_112.jpeg ASI_1633_JANS_112.jpeg ASI_1633_JANS_002_112.jpeg ASI_1638_HOND_112.jpeg ASI_1662_DE_WIT_112.jpeg ASI_1682_VISS_112.jpeg AM_1691_CORO_112.jpeg PI_1691_CORO_112.jpeg WM_1706_JAIL_112.jpeg AUS_1696_CORO_112.jpeg WM_1730_MORT_112.jpeg WM_1719_CHAT_43_002_112.jpeg GBEL_025_TP_112.jpeg WM_1746_HOMM_112.jpeg HGDV11_AM_008_002D_112.jpeg WM_1800_BUAC_112.jpeg EVGAL_SC_008_112.jpeg imageV1_112.jpeg EVGAL_04_NC_112.jpeg EVGAL_11_SC_112.jpeg EVGAL_14_TC_112.jpeg EVGAL_16_VC_112.jpeg EVGAL_23_VC_112.jpeg EVGAL_24_VC_112.jpeg EVGAL_09_VC_112.jpeg EVGAL_19_VC_112.jpeg EVGAL_21_VC_112.jpeg

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More details about Antique Bookshop and Curios

Antique Bookshop and Curios

The Antique Bookshop has a large stock of interesting books in many areas of collecting interest.

Click on the link Catalogue 330 to view on-line or download our most recent catalogue.

Click on the link Catalogue 330 Image Gallery to view images of many of the books from this catalogue.

Click on thumbnail at left to see larger image.