Surname First Name Member Role Bookshop
Jenkins Yarran L. Ordinary
The Book Merchant Jenkins
Lewis Tira Associate
Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd
McCormick Tim Ordinary
Tim McCormick
White Tim Ordinary Committee Member
Books for Cooks
Baker-Stimson Thomas Associate
Michael Treloar Antiquarian Booksellers
Tompkins Susan Life
Treloar Sue Ordinary Treasurer
Michael Treloar Antiquarian Booksellers
Burdon Sally Ordinary
Asia Bookroom
Greenwood Roz Ordinary Vice-President
Roz Greenwood Old and Rare Books
Robarts Rachel Ordinary
Hordern House Rare Books
Fraher Philip Associate
Time Booksellers
Tinslay Peter Ordinary
Antique Bookshop and Curios
Arnold Peter Ordinary
Peter Arnold Pty Ltd
(Mrs.) Horn Penelope Ordinary
D. A. Horn Antiquarian Books
Berkelouw Paul Ordinary
Berkelouw Books
Feain Paul Ordinary
Cornstalk Bookshop
Bakes Pamela Ordinary
Page Two Books
Dawes Nicholas Ordinary
Grant's Bookshop
Ingleton Nicholas Retired
Stone Mick Ordinary
Camberwell Books & Collectibles
Treloar Michael Ordinary
Michael Treloar Antiquarian Booksellers
Sprod Michael Ordinary
Astrolabe Booksellers
O'Brien Michael Retired
Richmond Michael Ordinary
Kookaburra Books
Richmond Michael Ordinary
Kookaburra Books
Fraher Maureen Ordinary
Time Booksellers
Fishburn Matthew Associate
Hordern House Rare Books
Nagle Martin Associate
Asia Bookroom
Burgess Mark Ordinary
Mark's Book Barn
Dunstan Margaret Ordinary Committee Member
Somerset House Books
Moncrief-Spittle Malcolm Ordinary
Renaissance Books
Kissajukian Louis Ordinary
Antique Print Map Room
Kerr Louella Ordinary
Louella Kerr Books
Reed Lorraine Associate
Asia Bookroom
Jaeger Laura Associate
Ankh Antiquarian Books
Craddock Kay Ordinary
Kay Craddock - Antiquarian Bookseller Pty Ltd
Treloar Kate Ordinary
Orchard Bookshop
Healy Justin Ordinary
Justin Healy Antiquarian Booksellers
Mr Renard Julien Ordinary
Gaston Renard Fine and Rare Books
Lebovic Josef Ordinary
Josef Lebovic Gallery
Burdon Jonathan Ordinary Committee Member
Kay Craddock - Antiquarian Bookseller Pty Ltd
Dickson Jonathan Associate
Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd
Sainsbury John Ordinary
Sainsbury's Books Pty Ltd
Thawley John Ordinary
The Grisly Wife Bookshop
Brown Jerelynn Honorary
Jaeger Jennifer Ordinary
Ankh Antiquarian Books
Boglio Jean-Louis Ordinary
Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books
Muir Janet Ordinary
Muir Books [Robert Muir Old & Rare Books]
Boglio Janet Associate
Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books
Lennon Jane Ordinary
Larsen James Ordinary
Larsen Books
Alcorn Hamish Associate
Archives Fine Books
Dorset Gerry Ordinary
Brighton Antique Prints and Maps
Stewart Douglas Ordinary President
Douglas Stewart Fine Books Pty Ltd
McDonnell Derek Ordinary
Hordern House Rare Books
Albinger Dawn Ordinary Secretary
Archives Fine Books
Lilburne David Overseas Ordinary
Antipodean Books, Maps & Prints
Davies Dafydd Ordinary Committee Member
Sebra Prints
Williams Colin Ordinary
Adelaide Booksellers
Stitz Charles Ordinary
Books on Dean
McDonnell Bridget Ordinary
Bridget McDonnell Gallery
Campbell Bill Ordinary
Bill Campbell Books
Hince Barbara Ordinary
Kenneth Hince Old and Fine Books
Marshall Anthony Retired
McCormick Anne Ordinary
Hordern House Rare Books
Isles Andrew Ordinary
Andrew Isles Natural History Books
Leckie Andrew Ordinary
Littera Scripta
Long Andrew Ordinary
Mount of Alex - Arapiles Mountain Books
Dunsheath Anah Ordinary
Anah Dunsheath Antiquarian Booksellers
McCormick Alice Ordinary
Rare Illustrated Books


More details about Antique Bookshop and Curios

Antique Bookshop and Curios

The Antique Bookshop has a large stock of interesting books in many areas of collecting interest.

Click on the link Catalogue 362 to view on-line or download our most recent catalogue.
This catalogue features books from library of the Late Professor R Ian Jack.

Click on the link Catalogue 362 Image Gallery to view images of many of the books from this catalogue.

Click on thumbnail at left to see larger image.